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5 examples of toxic workplace behavior

I’m an Agile coach.  I’m good at what I do and there’s no doubt I can help any Agile team without feeding my own personal agenda or ego.  As an Agile Coach, I’ll INCREASE the speed of efficient, continuous delivery and CORE … Continue reading

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Corporate cleaning needed (again) but not from within…..

Have you ever been sucked into “job actions” at work?  Layoffs, downsizing, consolidation,  re-organizing, offshoring, outsourcing?  We can be real creative how we label it, but these are “job actions”; actions on the job to reduce headcount and expenses. Now I … Continue reading

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Febuary post; Resources, co-workers, teammates and partners….

This is a good one so PLEASE read, take the appropiate action and also communicate back to me your views  regarding the content.  Really, the above title should be Resources (or co-workers) vs. teammates (or partners), but I didn’t want to give … Continue reading

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November post; Charlie; you and your team are PIGS!

Thanks!  Coming from you this means a lot to us all! Of course we’re speaking in agile terms of “pigs and chickens” In the context of ham and eggs, the pig is (well) very much committed to the dish while … Continue reading

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October post; Technologists; stop wasting time!

Offshoring and outsourcing of work (previously known as our work) has become what I refer to as a fact of life after the fact.  This is not going to happen;  it has already happened.  Life in the technology field as … Continue reading

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