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5 examples of toxic workplace behavior

I’m an Agile coach.  I’m good at what I do and there’s no doubt I can help any Agile team without feeding my own personal agenda or ego.  As an Agile Coach, I’ll INCREASE the speed of efficient, continuous delivery and CORE … Continue reading

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Hey Citigroup; just give me the damn ball! (part two!)

This is my second post to Citigroup and I will keep shouting from the rooftops until we see real changes, positive growth, real ROI for shareholders or until the world ends; whichever comes first. Old habits die hard so unless … Continue reading

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Hey Citigroup; give me the damn ball!

Hey Citigroup; just give me the damn ball! I’m NOT kidding! If nobody wants it; give it to me. I have a 100 day plan that will reinvent, recharge and reinvest in your workforce. To say it another way; I … Continue reading

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Courage; learned the hard way

I’m channeling my wild card virtual mentor John Paul Jones when I say. “I have not yet begun to fight!” Fighting cancer takes courage. Losing an organ as a result takes courage. Awaiting the results of the latest CT scan … Continue reading

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A Network of One; my simple reminder

Sometimes I lose focus.  Sometimes I’m there but not there.  Sometimes I take my eye off the ball and sometimes (hopefully not often times) I just get too distracted.  I know when these symptoms are starting to overcome me because … Continue reading

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Corporate Talk special edition Monday April 14th 8PMEDT

OK everyone, we have a very special Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva scheduled for Monday April 14th 8PM/EDT.  Please make sure to dial in to the show to listen; 347.989.1363 (dial in early). Our special and returning guest NLP expert Gaye … Continue reading

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Cincinnati area April/2014 event

Shared Leadership in the Workplace Invest in yourself;  – Become the leader of you!   – Make a difference even as 1 person  – Join the workplace improvement revolution!  To all Cincinnati area teammates; join us on 2 consecutive Saturdays; 4/19 … Continue reading

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