September post; When the going gets tough…

When the going gets tough, the tough stay and fight.  However before we get into that, I want to mention I deleted my August post.  This post did not speak to the meaning of C.A.R.E. which is Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone.   My August post was selfish with no sense of who I was possibly hurting.  I was fighting fire with fire which (again) does not speak to the meaning of C.A.R.E.

 If I need to stand up for what I believe in, it MUST NOT be at the expense of others.  I can do better.  I removed the post which I will say generated a lot of “chatter”. 

OK; when the going gets tough, the tough stay and fight.  In the context of the workplace that means before leaving a position, or bailing on a project, you need to make sure no stone was left unturned in trying to better the situation.  Simple; having issues at work?  Is the “going” getting tough?  Have there been layoffs and/or downsizing at your company?  Are you doing more with less?  Is everyone acting tough but really miserable at work? Well your accountability, especially if you’re C.A.R.E. certified is to stay and fight; make the workplace better.  Then too you need the courage to actually stay and be supportive and positive when things turn around.  Do that, then (to your company) you’re a subject matter expert.  I say in my book: “execute tasks and you’re a co-worker.  Share in the success of your company and you’re a partner.  When the going gets tough and your company is faced with real downsizing, who will they retain?  The co-workers or the partners?

Please let me know your thoughts; Stay and fight or cut and run?


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Charlie Lobosco is a Corporate Technology Executive, Shared Leadership Expert, Agile Coach and trainer with lessons learned in over (20) Fortune ranked Corporations since 1973! Charlie is Co-Founder (with Eva Lewandowski) of the VisionOp Group LLC a consulting, coaching and training company. For more go to
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