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Two posts in one so please read them both.  In my previous post, I ended with “what are the benefits of becoming C.A.R.E. certified in the workplace?”  I then said the answers would be in the next post.  Since that’s this one, I need to first discuss before I go on to my next topic which is when is it time to get a new job.

To justify the benefits of being C.A.R.E. certified in the workplace is like justifying the benefits of a healthy diet, winning the lottery or being named the sexiest person in the world!

C.A.R.E. certification is achieved as a result of attending the C.A.R.E. seminar; not only attending but also participating and acknowledging in front of your peers and co-workers that your (new) mission in the workplace is to achieve results for the common good of the company but not at the expense of others.

Wearing the C.A.R.E. certification PIN means you have: the courage to take action relevant to everyone, the fight of Patrick Henry, the ability to communicate and get to the point quickly like Thomas Paine, the behavioral leadership of George Washington, the wisdom of Sam Adams and the likeability and social energy of Paul Revere to leave no stone unturned in the quest to deliver results for the common good of the company but not at the expense of others.

This all translates into cost efficient, quick and untainted results in the workplace.

If you honestly think these benefits will not advance your career or that teammates, peers, co-workers and seniors in your company will not be drawn to you then contact me immediately.  If you agree but have not yet attended the C.A.R.E. certification in the workplace seminar (i.e. no C.A.R.E. pin) then contact me immediately.

OK now the second post. When is it time to get a new job?  In my book; “C.A.R.E. – Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone; Building a better workplace starts with you!” I state over and over, “when the going gets tough, the tough stay and fight.”  I say the only time to leave your company is if there’s broken trust.  Yes, that’s a nonnegotiable and decisive reason to leave your company BUT not the only reason.  I was wrong in the book to state broken trust as the only reason to leave your current job and find a new one; there are others, but there are also a criteria and a protocol.  Since I’m C.A.R.E. certified and I believe in and also reaped all the benefits mentioned above, I need to ensure I’ve left no stone unturned in trying to reverse the reasons I may have for leaving my company.  This is between you and you (or as in my case; me and me); this puts C.A.R.E. certification to the test.

For me; yes ME; stay and fight ME; I believe I’m at this juncture.  I believe I have valid reasons to leave my company and work someplace else but before I make this decision, I have to ensure that I’ve met the above criteria and followed the proper protocol as per my C.A.R.E. certification.

One thing I was good at prior to becoming C.A.R.E. certified was leaving a company.  I’ve done that over twenty times in my career.  Now I have this feeling once again, the urge to leave, ride into the sunset, whatever.  However, are my reasons real and unique to this company? And what have I done to reverse these reasons to leave into reasons to stay (and fight)?

I stated broken trust as the number one reason to leave a company so let’s start with that:

Broken trust:  I have to say for me personally this is NOT one of my reasons to leave my company.  Not always getting my way or not always agreeing with company direction is NOT broken trust.

Relocation:  Sometimes you just need to move.  Sometimes you just need to live someplace else.  Sometimes you just have to leave your job for reasons other than your job; at the end of the day; it’s just work.

Fire in the belly:  When your desire to advance or pursue a passion is greater than your current “comfort” in your current position; it may be time to leave and pursue.

Boredom:  If what you’re doing at work is serving no purpose but you believe you have a purpose to serve, then maybe it’s time to go (and serve).

Toxic environment: When the workplace is made up of too much gossip, anger, arrogance, ignorance and lack of team, it may be time to leave if for nothing else to avoid becoming a part of this toxic behavior which WILL spill over into your life.

Net/net:  reasons to find a new job are specific to you, (and me).  What’s more important is if you’ve left no stone un turned in trying to reverse these reasons.  This is your accountability if you’re C.A.R.E. certified in the workplace.  I have; I’ve been here ten years, worked in two different lines of business and two different geographical locations.  There has been a very respectful relationship between me and my company.  I’ve learned and delivered a lot and I believe it’s time for me to leave my current position, maybe transfer internally or leave the company completely;  to relocate, to pursue some new passions and to proceed with a sense of urgency.  C.A.R.E. certification is in the person and will benefit any company.  I’m excited about the future and  proudly wear my C.A.R.E. certification pin.  What about you?

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Charlie Lobosco is a Corporate Technology Executive, Shared Leadership Expert, Agile Coach and trainer with lessons learned in over (20) Fortune ranked Corporations since 1973! Charlie is Co-Founder (with Eva Lewandowski) of the VisionOp Group LLC a consulting, coaching and training company. For more go to
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  1. Christen says:

    I truly agree with this post, and feel it to be beneficial to all!! We are too consumed with how we feel, and how we see everyone else to stop and think about what we want, what we need. We often dont focus on the steps to achieve what we want, achieve what we need. One step is all it takes! I greatly enjoyed this post. Will be refferring to it often when I need that little “kick” in the right direction.

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